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Welcome Finance l July 2022

Welcome Finance, Inc. had its first tree planting event last July 16, 2022. Both excitement and eagerness to contribute something to the environment were both felt as all the participants headed to La Mesa Watershed Nature Reserve in Quezon City.

As the most exciting part started to happen, it became evident that camaraderie also began to surface, not just in an office providing loans and deposit products to clients, but also, building relationships with one another. The tree planting activity became an avenue towards a happy and stronger bond among employees in such a way that it created a buddy system. It also opened an opportunity where employees would engage in a fun conversation to a fellow employee whom they do not normally talk to at the office. Younger ones and those who are young-at-heart did not mind the muddy trail as they enjoyed their way up to the tree planting site.

A few funny experiences in the form of having soil underneath their fingernails, getting lost going to the venue, rubber shoes that ended up in a beyond-repair condition while planting, slipping on the muddy trail, first-timers encounters, and endless picture – taking made the event extra memorable.

This Welcome Finance environmental project is more than just a CSR event, but a significant learning as to how such tree planting plays an essential role in the life of the people that La Mesa serves. It opened awareness among the participants how a single type of tree produces something useful that most people would only take for granted.

Exhausting as they looked during and after the activity, the participants all went home with a sense of fulfillment and have that enthusiasm to wake up the next day, serving clients with our loan (personal loan, salary loan, business loan, auto loan, and condo loan).

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