Frequently Asked Questions. Choose from categories below to assist your queries.

  • QHow can I apply for a loan?

    AFill out the online form completely, wait for SMS notification if you passed the Pre-screening

    BUpload your documents on the given link or send to sales@welcomefinanceinc.com

    CExpect a call from Welcome associates

  • QHow much can I borrow?

    If you are Employed: P 50,000 to P 1,000,000

    If you are Self-Employed: P 50,000 to P 3,000,000

  • QHow long does it take to get a loan?

    Loan process depends if the client submitted all the complete documents and participate in credit verifications.

    For smooth transaction it may run for 1-3 working days.

  • QWhat are the requirements needed?
    • For Employed:

    • - 2 months recent payslip

    • - COE

    • - Two (2) government Ids

    • - Utility Bill

    • For Self-Employed:

    • - Two (2) government Ids

    • - 3 months bank statement

    • - Business Permit

    • - Utility Bill

    • - latest ITR (optional)

    • - 3 Trade Referrences

  • QHow can I know the status of my application?

    You may check your status at www.welcomefinanceph.com and click LOAN STATUS in the homepage.

  • QHow much is the monthly interest rate?

    WFP offers a competitive rate for as low as 1.39% up to 3.5% for Unsecured Loan and 1.0% -2.35% for Secured Loan, depending on the loan products and customer's credit profile.

  • QHow will I know that my loan is approved?

    You will receive a phone call from our sales associates to schedule you for loan release.

  • QIs there an application fees?

    Loan application is free. However, once the loan is disbursed processing fee and notarial fee will be deducted from loan disbursement.

  • QWhere to submit my documents?

    You can submit your documents at sales@welcomefinanceinc.com OR upload through the URL link received by SMS.

  • QCan I cancel my application?

    Technically you can cancel your application anytime as long as you inform us.

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