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Why Choose Welcome Finance?

  • Welcome Finance offers FREE and EASY online application
  • Welcome Finance gives exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE and REAL TIME status monitoring
  • Welcome Finance can accommodate large-scale market due to its WIDE AREA COVERAGE and VARIETY OF LOAN PRODUCTS.
  • Welcome Finance is a WELL ESTABLISHED financing company originated from South Korea.

Our Story

Welcome Finance Inc. (Philippines) is a subsidiary of Welcome
Financial Group of Korea. We also have other subsidiaries in
Cambodia and Laos.

At Welcome Finance, we are offering competitive financial
assistance with both collateral and non-collateral loan products.
We are dedicated to focusing on helping enrich the lives of
Filipinos and promoting community-based lending with the help of
our growing branches all over the Philippines.

Welcome Finance endeavours to showcase the innovative and
tech-savvy culture of Korea and the warm-hearted hospitality
of Filipinos in fulfilling our objective to improve the lives of our clients.

Korean Smart. Filipino Heart

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